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A very good introduction to key concepts Financial Crisis for Beginners (from Baseline Scenario)

Countries Exposure to Bank Failure

The underlying research is HERE

Why Detroit Went Broke (Detroit Free Press)
LIBOR Rigging Fraud (Bloomberg)
The History of Greek Defaults (Investopedia)
A Spectator's Guide to the Euro Crisis (NYT)
Bank Failures since Jan 2008 (WSJ Interactive)
"What's your Economic Outlook?" (NYT Interactive)
Check Banks' Troubled Asset Ratios: Banktracker
Bowles-Simpson Deficit Reduction Proposal
Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Final Report
"Foreclosure Fraud for Dummies" (Rortybomb)
Part 1: The Chains and Stakes
Part 2: What is a Note and Why is it So Important?
Part 3: Why are Servicers So Bad at Their Job?
Part 4: How Could This Explode into a Systemic Crisis?
Part 5: The Necessity of Government Action and Ways Out of the Crisis

Why Banks Get Bailed Out I: "Discretion and Financial Regulation" (Interfluidity - S.R. Waldman) "Given the discretion to do so, financial regulators will always do the wrong thing."

Why Banks Get Bailed Out II: "The Next Financial Crisis: It's Coming and We Just Made It Worse" (Boone and Johnson TNR Nov. 2009)
Why Banks Get Bailed Out III: "Banking on the State" (Haldane and Alessandi Nov 2009)
"The Value of the 'Too Big To Fail' Big Bank Subsidy" (Baker and McArthur CEPR)
The Most Indebted Man in the World
Is Anything Too Big To Fail?
MORE INFORMATION: Financial Crisis and Recession HERE
MORE INFORMATION: Financial and Economics News and Blogs HERE




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